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In this period of Coronavirus pandemic, KOOLFLY’s top priority becomes the well-being of our customers, our staff and our partners. Fully respecting the unprecedented situation we are experiencing, we take all necessary safety measures in order to keep everyone healthy!

. We take care of the decontamination of our facilities, while taking all the necessary precaution measures in the order preparation process.

. We make sure that measures of personal hygiene are taken upon entering our premises, while adding antiseptic liquids to all the central areas of our offices and warehouses.

. We grant requests for special leave to our employees in order to look after their children.

. We have suspended all our business trips and we avoid all meetings, taking advantage of the possibilities of videoconferencing.

. We have contacted all cooperating carriers and confirmed that distribution employees have clear instructions on keeping the 1-meter “social distance”, in compliance with the authorities’ mandates, on the use of precautionary measures, as well as facilitating delivery on a case-by-case basis, even without requesting the recipient’s signature and taking personal responsibility for certifying delivery. 

All of us at KOOLFLY, in the face of this unprecedented crisis, believe that the most effective protection for all of us is our responsible attitude: We stay at home, avoid unnecessary travel and social contact and follow the official instructions of the Authorities.


1. The shipment of orders continues as normal.

2. We remain available on all major communication channels

Call center: +30 2106710207


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3. Tips for secure online shopping:

. Delivery couriers have strict instructions to receive and deliver the packages while keeping the maximum distance possible. Do the same!

. If you choose to receive from a pickup point, make sure not to stand in long lines and always maintain the 1-meter (3 feet) “social distance” from customers and employees.

. Take advantage of contactless payments and pay without actually giving your card to the employee.


Stay Home  Stay Safe  Stay Positive